RED Album (by AntBut)

by Anthony Butterfield (AntBut)

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This is my first published collection of original compositions. I've only recently started writing lyrics, and I'm sure it shows. My intent is to share some of my views and philosophy, NOT to offend or alienate.

There are themes in life that I read about, observe, and ponder; and these are the types of things I want my lyrics to explore: Our tendency to judge appearance without really knowing what's going on in the lives of others (His Last Few Days, Mr. Su); hypocrisy and attempts to manipulate or control each other (Think Ya' Know); our willingness to do the right things for the wrong reasons (Saint); our tendency to be angry with each other without accepting responsibility for our role in the situation (Push It); and the hope that, despite appearances to the contrary, somehow this will all turn out okay (Always It Gets Better).

I'm attempting to create songs that provoke thought and dialogue; I'm NOT trying to cause anger or acrimony. (And, no, the song is not about you.) (Unless your name is Mr. Su.)

About my set-up:
I record in Logic Pro using Apple plug-ins as well as Roland external gear. I also play a little guitar on some tracks. I create all my own patterns and loops, so everything you hear is me playing, with multi-track allowing me to play many instruments at the same time. (Thanks, Les Paul!)


released March 17, 2012

Anthony Butterfield: instruments and vocals



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


AntBut Salt Lake City, Utah

If you're here, you probably already know me. But just in case you happened here and don't know me personally, I will tell you just a bit about me. I'm a school teacher in Utah who makes music in the basement using electronic and acoustic equipment. It's a fun hobby. My track prices are cheap because I'm just happy if someone wants to own one or two! ... more

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Track Name: Good Things
Track Name: Break of Day
Sitting like a little Buddha so serene
Painting with some colors I've never ever seen

Waiting for the break of day
Waiting for the tide to come and float our tears away
What do you say

Watching like a tiny baby so aware
Covering with velvet stars way out there

Soon to see the break of day
Soon to see the tide come and float our tears away
What do you say

Will you be there by my side
Or will time and distance soon divide
How I wish that I could know
The channel and the course
The stream of life will flow
How can I know
How can I know

Sleeping like a fragile bird in a tree
Trying like a summer wind to be free

Long to see the break of day
Long to see the tide come and float our tears away
What do you say
What do you say
What do you say
Track Name: Days of Gray
It's a gray day
and that's not a bad thing
It's more of a sad thing
and that's okay
To feel the brightness
cheer, and lightness
You must have days of gray

Walking alone
can be depressing
But not distressing
Don't stay at home
To feel the satisfaction
of human interaction
You have to walk alone

The world is full of light and shadow
Temporary spectral imagery
Our minds cannot experience
in terms of absolutes
We have to have some relativity

Being apart
for just a season
It has a reason
in what we are
To glimpse when we're together
Visions of forever
There must be time apart
Track Name: His Last Few Days
Didn't have that much to say
before he want away
We didn't know
They were his last few days

We tried to get in touch
he wasn't talking much
Time to go
His last few days

Always seemed to be
a living mystery
a cypher no one even cared enough to solve
Doesn't feel right
went off into the night
after passing
His last few days

So now we wonder why
he felt the need to fly
into the Flow
the last few days
Track Name: Think Ya' Know

You come to me with sage advice
from another day
Go give your message to your mirror
practice what you say
Set your own house in order now
before you look at me
Fix the messes in your life
Don't tell others how to be

And so it goes (you think you know)

You're a white sepulcher
filled with rotting bones
just a polished surface
your life is not your own
Thank you for your kind regard
I wish I could conceive
That you're not wishing privately
that I would simply leave

And so it goes (you think you know)
So it goes (you think you know)

Each passing moment is opportunity
to pay attention to your mind
increase your clarity
So much work is needed
in just this one lifetime
Controlling other people
is an emotional crime

So take your counsel elsewhere
No, don't apologize
Being self-deceptive
is the worst of all the lies
Go find another victim now
there's lots of sheep you see
But look into my eyes one last time
then just let me be

And so it goes (you think you know)
So it goes ( you think you know)
So it goes ( you think you know)
You think you know
Track Name: Mr. Su
Mr. Su, I see you almost everyday
Practicing your Tai Chi moves in your driveway.
A little useless cigarette is clamped between your lips
How do you do, Mr. Su

Mr. Su, I smile and wave a brief hello
As I'm jogging by your house on Winget Road.
You respond by grunting with the very faintest nod
The day is new, Mr. Su
Mr. Su

Mr. Su, I sometimes wonder 'bout your life
I've never even seen a hint of children or a wife.
Do you have a hamster, dog, or cat? A turtle? Or a bird?
Mr. Su I haven't heard.

Mr. Su, I question if you're very wise
Quietly observing life with knowing eyes.
Or maybe you're a criminal, with secrets from the past
Don't have a clue 'bout Mr. Su

Mr. Su, I doubt you think about me much
As you do your exercises, work, and such
But sometimes unexpectedly, I must admit it's true
I think of you, Mr. Su
Mr. Su

Mr. Su, We're not neighbors, we're not friends
You're just a guy I see when I go running; why pretend?
But I'm intrigued at times by the mystery that is you
The mystery that is you
Mr. Su
Track Name: Saint (On The Shelf)

It's an uphill climb
And it's facing her all the time
showing a face that's brave
finding a life to save

Discerning a goal of life
through all of the trying strife
Appearing to face her fears
But staying away from mirrors

(ch) Focusing only on others
Avoiding confronting a self
Taking all the deeper questions
And putting them on the highest shelf
Ah.....keep 'em up on the highest shelf
Ah.....don't look

Of course life's supposed to be hard
But someday will come a reward
At least that's what she's been told
By other poor lambs in the fold

No one would say that she's wrong
Been practicing this for so long
Staying with what she knows
Ignoring the wind that blows

(ch) Focusing only on others
Avoiding confronting a self
Taking all the deeper questions
And putting them on the highest shelf
Ah.....keep 'em up on the highest shelf
Ah.....don't look

Identify problems, and focus attention
Who is the judge in this scene?
Bringing a god force into the equation
asking the shepherd what does it mean
(what does a shepherd know?)
(what can a shepherd know?)
Musical verse interlude

Then chorus
Track Name: Push It
Displaying all your biases
like a badge of honor
Proud of idiosyncrasies
Truth repelled, like oil from water
Righteous indignation
coiled up like a tightened spring
Emotions a hair trigger
waiting for one who's willing to

Push it
and push some more
A button made (and displayed)
What's a button for?
Push it
and push some more
I will just keep pushing it
'Til you push me out the door

You're just a tad too hand in glove
world of black and whiteness
perception too reliable
trusting too much in your rightness
But I can see quite plainly
devices you have made
contraptions of illusions
the mechanism begs for me to


"Comfort the disturbed"
The maxim gently prods
But, too, "Disturb the comfortable"
challenge all their gods
If they show a doorbell buzzer
Plain for all to see
Someone has to push it
Might as well be me to

And later on, when you cool down
I humbly ask of you
When you see my head's too big
Will you push me, too!
Track Name: Always It Gets Better
Life, with its twisting turning plot
Contrast sometimes hurts a lot
The clouds
will block your view
Hard to remember open sky
when the sun has said goodbye
so it seems
in the shifting dreams

though it's hard to see
always it gets better
blue sky waiting up just out of view
try to let it be
nothing lasts forever
Find the strength that lives inside of you

Vistas will change as you go on
Darkest hour before the dawn
The rain
will change your plans
Rocky and steep the path can seem
but up ahead you'll see the gleam
of the hope
of a peaceful place


Life, with its twisting turning plot
Contrast sometimes hurts a lot
The clouds
will block your view